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September 2009


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Whirlpool Organization is a Lot of money 500 organization and a global manufacturer and marketer of major home appliances, with annual sales of around $20 billion. Whirlpool came into the Of india market back in the 80s, and had entrenched alone as a solid player in the Indian appliances for the home market by the mid 1990s, with a comprehensive product profile covering washers, refrigerator, micro wave ovens and air conditioners. Today, Whirlpool is one of the most recognized company in cookware in India and keeps a market talk about of more than 20%. When Whirlpool can be an identified player in numerous of the water purifier market segments across the world within the past several years at this point, Whirlpool entered the growing water purifier market in India in 2008. Given its give attention to " attaining market leadership through Client loyalty”, Whirlpool aspires as the market innovator in the normal water purifier marketplace by 2012. This case gives the situation with the water cleaner market in India, and poses problems that Whirlpool will have to defeat to achieve it is vision to become the market market leaders.

Drinking Water: A perspective

Even while world body and government authorities across the regions are strategizing to manage the expansion humanity within a holistically environmentally friendly manner, availability of safe drinking is a main area of concern for a lot of. As high as 884 Mn persons in the world do not have access to secure water. This can be roughly one out of eight of the world's human population. 1 . four million children die annually from diarrhoea caused by unclean water and poor cleanliness - one particular child just about every 20 just a few seconds. Approximately many of these of illnesses in India are caused by water borne mini organisms. This is true in country as well as downtown India. However , awareness of health threats linked to dangerous water The use of water can be broadly divided in to two major groups, namely pertaining to Consumption (drinking, cooking etc) and Sanitation. This case is targeted on water used for drinking uses.

A brief upon Water Treatments

Throughout human history, different ways of treating water before intake have been devised. Up until regarding 100 years back, it was constantly found that water flowing from all-natural springs was safe intended for drinking in the natural point out, but in the 21 100 years even springtime water will be scientifically tested before experts recommend or bottled for ingesting. st

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All the above methods carries with them significant disadvantages both from a convenience viewpoint or from health and care perspective. This kind of calls for improved methods of purifying water, to accommodate with the evolving lifestyles inside the societies.

Current State-of-the-Art Drinking water Purification Systems

Today, the greater sophisticated and commercially available drinking water purifying solutions are, • • • Manual complete Purifier (Drip Type) Ultra Violet (UV) refinement Reverse Osmosis (RO) refinement

The latter two are generally termed as Electronic Normal water Purifier systems (EWP); simply by exception, the first one is referred to as Non EWP. The above mentioned three are given in the order of chronological evolution, with RO technology being the most up-to-date in the Water Purification technology. The manual fill cleaners do not run on electricity, which is a scarce useful resource in many elements of rural India, and also have drastically lower costs in comparison to the EWPs. Oddly enough, these manual fill devices which mostly use chlorine or UF technology are at par in performance with UV with regards to microbial security. UV has been the oldest technology in the industry. This typically involves preliminary phases of purification, followed by treating the...