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In just 4 years since Vw (VW) set up its India operations, it had captured a 3. 6% market share - something the Detroit leaders had not been in a position to do after more than a decade in the country (Exhibit 1). VW was the flagship label of the Vw group, which will also held Audi, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Porsche, COUCH, and Skoda. In India, the group was present with Skoda, Audi, and VW. one particular Maik Stephan, Managing Representative, Volkswagen Group Sales India said:

Although three brands give us the collective electrical power, we have to be careful to market all of them uniquely to ensure that we are not really chasing the same customer. i

In 2011, the group's throughout the world revenues and net earnings were Euro 159 billion and 15. 8 billion dollars, respectively. Headquartered in Wolfsburg, Germany, the group managed more than 62 plants all over the world. It was the 2nd largest automaker behind Standard Motors. Completely a market discuss of doze. 3% this summer. Its main markets had been Germany and China. It was the market head in The european countries with a twenty percent market share. That aimed to become the world's largest automaker by 2018. Having a growth of thirty percent in the Of india automobile market, India was to play a significant role in realizing the group's global ambitions. 2

VW targeted to increase the business of it is flagship brand in India from 3. 6% to 5% by simply 2015. Neeraj Garg, Representative, VW Group Sales India said:

We must transition coming from launch level to expansion stage from the life cycle. To meet each of our ambitious progress plans, we need to evolve our marketing strategy. Most likely, we should assessment it. Happen to be our segmentation, targeting, and positioning right? Is the product, distribution, and connection strategy appropriate to catapult us one stage further?

Volkswagen has had a tradition of highly innovative advertising throughout the world. Its plan ‘‘Force'' intended for Passat was adjudged the best campaign of 2011 by Advertising Era. 2 The campaign presented a kid in Darth Vader costume (Darth Vader is definitely the central character in the Superstar Wars saga) trying to use ‘‘force'' (a metaphysical power in the imaginary universe with the Star Wars galaxy) everywhere from his dog for the washing machine to his sandwich all in vain. As he concentrates all his energy in Passat, the auto suddenly starts to the astonishment of the youngster. A shot demonstrated that the car was began by his father utilizing a remote control. The campaigns connect with the popular lifestyle of Celebrity Wars led to 31 million views on YouTube. ‘‘Think small'' and ‘‘Lemon'' campaigns had become part of advertising and marketing textbooks. Lutz Kothe, Brain of Marketing & PR, VOLKS WAGEN Group Product sales India explained: What inspiration can VW Indian advertising and marketing draw from its global marketing?


The The german language auto industry in thirties was mainly composed of luxury cars. Because so many Germans could not afford luxurious cars, Adolf Hitler create a state-owned factory ‘‘Volkswagen'' (pronounced while folk's wagon) in Wolfsburg in 1933 for producing the ‘‘people's car. '' Ferdinand Porsche, an industrial engineer was decided to steer the project. The first car that was turned out was ‘‘Beetle. '' Having its distinctive rounded shape and low price, it stood out from the big vehicles and became a global cult. In the 1970s, Passat, Sirokko, Golf, and Polo were launched. The sedan type of Golf -



The rest of the brands were imported simply by independent retailers.

Advertising Age was the leading magazine in the domain of advertising.

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