Temperate forest

The temperate forests contain a mixture of perishable and coniferous trees.

Geographic Distribution

The temperate woodlands are located in Eastern and Western United states, Chile, The european union, South Africa, Western Asia, China and tiawan, Japan, Southern region and North Korea, Southern Australia, Areas of Russia and New zealand.


In a temperate forest there are several definate seasons. Spring period brings new life towards the trees and plants, nice temperatures, and rain which usually helps almost everything grow. Summer season is sizzling, and everything is green, and all the trees now have leaves. Fall season is chilly. The forest are beginning to improve colors including red, yellowish, and shiny orange. Cold months are extremely cold. All forest lose their very own leaves. In the temperate forest the average temp is sixty degree F. Mostly in January. The standard rain fall can be between 35 to 62. The temperate forests acquire about thirty-five to 60 inches of percipitation annually. Mostly in June and July.

Family pets

A number of the animals that live in the temperate forests happen to be Black Carries, Nightangles, Squirrels, Racoons, Wood Wolves, and Deers.


Some of the tree in temperate forest are Pine trees and Cupressacae which are from Coniferous family members. They have needle shaped leaves, and seedling bearing cones. The trees and shrubs Elm and oak couple of other forest intemperate forest which are by deciduous relatives. They have slim, broad, and light weighted leaves.

Plant adaptation in temperate forest

In coniferous forest, tree typically have hook like leaves which allows those to collect sunlight with the least evaporation loss. They are able to tolerate freezing and storms. Staying evergreen helps conserve strength, since development of leaves takes a large amount of energy, in fact it is more efficient to keep a tea leaf for several years. In Deciduous forest, many woods have thicker bark to shield the woods in cool winter and storms. All their broad leaves can record a lot of sunlight to get the tree. And in fall months they drop their leaves to...