п»їQuestion #3:

Using Determine 2 . 5, describe a bakery as being a system. Do the same for any supermarket.

Bakery as a system of company need recycleables in making bread and building bakery as well as facilities, recruiting, capital, technology and details as its inputs. Raw materials includes the following inputs, with the matching employees' operate activities because processes plus the result or outputs:




Flour, yeast, fats, essential oils, electricity (refrigeration)


Useable ingredients, rotten ingredients

Flour, yeast, excess fat, oils, drinking water, electricity (or gas)


Raw bread, waste cash, cleaning waste products, packaging waste materials

Raw money


Grown dough, waste materials dough, cleaning wastes

Gone up dough, electrical energy (or gas)


Bread, heat exhausts, waste breads fragments

Breads, plastic gloves, wire baskets, electricity


Packaged bread, packaging toxins

Packaged bread, vehicle fuel


Bread in retail shops, damaged bread, car exhaust emissions Unsold, damaged bread went back from price tag shops

Dispose of returns

Waste materials bread (sent to share feed producers)


Infestation control

Pesticide residues, deceased pests

Cleaning consumables, drinking water, electricity (heat water)

General cleaning

Washing wastes, filthy water

The moment identifying unit process advices and outputs, try to talk to employees working together with those processes. However , although these workers will give good information, a lot of inputs and waste outputs may be overlooked because they are as well familiar with the process. Talk to other employees and, perhaps most importantly, walk around the business enterprise premises and take a great look. For every input, there should be a related output. Make certain that there is an output for every input into a unit procedure. If there is a weight difference in a raw material or product, be the cause of the difference and make sure it is included in the input/output picture. Remember most wash normal water, atmospheric exhausts,...