Lessons 1 (3. 0 points)

1 . Precisely what is credit? (0. 5 points)

The ability to get hold of goods or services just before payment, based upon the trust that payment will be produced in the future: " unlimited credit".

2 . What exactly is credit score? (0. 5 points)

Your credit score is actually a three-digit amount generated by a mathematical criteria using information in your credit file

3. Precisely what is installment credit? (0. a few points)

financing repaid with interest in equal periodic payments.

4. Precisely what is revolving credit rating? (0. a few points)

Credit that is immediately renewed since debts happen to be paid off.

5. What is non-installment credit? (0. 5 points)

Non-installment credit refer to a method of credit that is payable in one lump-sum amount by a specified date

6. Name at least one portion of a credit profile. (0. five points) lenders

Lesson two (3. 0 points)

1 ) Name for least among the steps in creating credit. (0. 5 points) Incorporate your business.

2 . Term at least one different option to establishing credit should you be unable to have a credit card yet. (0. your five points) Get yourself a secured mastercard.

3. Precisely what is debt companies default? (0. 5 points)

When an individual, company or sovereign country borrows funds, there are usually legal obligations which have been set out in a debt contract

4. What is the Bbb? (0. your five points)

A Better Business Bureau (BBB) can be described as private, non-profit organization that provides services and programs to help consumers and businesses

5. What is a debt consolidation program? (0. 5 points)

is an approach to debt lowering of which the debtor and creditor agree on a lower balance that is regarded as payment in full.[1]

six. What is bankruptcy? (0. your five points)

The state of being under: " many businesses were facing bankruptcy"; " bankruptcy proceedings".

Lesson a few (3. 0 points)

1 ) What is a percentage charge? (0. your five points)

the interest rate, for a payment period, increased by the number of payment intervals in a year.

installment payments on your What is an annual...