Term: Srinivas Govindola

Intake: Fall season 2013

Plan: Masters in Computer Scientific research Engineering


I finished undergraduate plan majoring in Computer Technology Engineering by Jaya Prakash Narayan University of Executive (JPNCE) Mahabubnagar, Andhra Pradesh, India. ?nternet site finished my personal Undergraduate plan, I was applying for admission to the graduate program in computer system science engineering at your well-regarded university beginning fall 2013 semester. I use taken this kind of decision based on the present pattern in the market. My personal strong perseverance and engagement in work happen to be definite possessions in my life. My parents were an excellent source of inspiration and tips, for which I actually merit intended for my scholars. The support ensured my personal success in pursuing my endeavors. This issue knowledge imparted at my under graduate level has provided me the strong basis with multi-dimensional aspects in Computer Science. My subject matter knowledge can be strong in basics of Computer Programming Language (Java), Unix Operating System, Relational Database Management System (Oracle). Although undergraduate study course is completely challenging, greatly educating and economically satisfying, I entirely lack feeling of satisfaction. This is the reality my undergraduate program has provided me only the foot work. I have a great urge to learn deeper into these fields and be strong at them. One thing capable to do MS program in US is the functionality in every element. The genuine truth motivated me to apply to your university to pursue graduate student and study. I feel that graduate student study in your institution will probably be most logical extendable of my personal academic uses, aims and objectives. Since my transcripts indicate, I actually am well prepared for graduate study in Computer Science. My curiosity makes me to grasp the primary, technical skills and passion to get learning the modern aspects, believe I can generate a valuable intellectual to your graduate student program. It truly is solemn acceptance that I will spare simply no effort...