Turkesa Bullock

BUS 5431 Managerial Accounting

January 23, 2013

Salem Telephone Business Harvard Example


The two suggestions by simply Flores:

1 . Use pricing technique to increase commercial revenue hours

* This method will not likely add extra costs. Yet , according to the estimation previously mentioned, changing value to either $1000 (97 hours) or perhaps $600 (180 hours) cannot prevent a net loss.

2 . Increase revenue promotion price to succeed more organization but the price unchanged

* If perhaps SDS wants to increase thirty percent of commercial product sales, the extra promo costs simply cannot exceed $2012. Considering the campaign cost $8083 on March, additional $2012 is about 24. 9%. That is, SDS can only increase 25% promo cost to accomplish 30% of growth.

Based on the analysis, SDS has large fixed costs so that it's not easy to profit. Nevertheless , SDS continues to have chances to profit but need wonderful efforts. If SDS would not exist, STC has to obtain 205 intracompany hours from other companies in market price hundreds of dollars, which costs $164000. Meanwhile, STC also saves some costs if SDS sealed:

Set expenses

Rent 8, 000

Maintenance a few, 400

Electrical power 1, 697

Salaried staff 21, six-hundred

Hourly employees 8, 664

System expansion 12, 500

Administration being unfaithful, 000

Product sales 11, 2 hundred

Sales promo 8, 083

Total kept expenses 85, 644

Freelancing costs 164, 000

Extra cost if close SDS -78, 356

STC can only preserve $85644 by closing SDS, but it must spend $164000 to purchase services from outside. In other words, STC needs to pay extra $78356 if SDS does not are present. Therefore STC should keep SDS organization.

As SDS is vital to keep, the first priority of SDS' goal is always to break even, by least. All of us recommend Cynthia Wu to combine both Flores' suggestions. That may be, both boost the promotion price range and also reduce price, which will make SDS become profitable more readily