Romanticism is known as a movements of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries that distinguished literature, art, national politics, and philosophy from the earlier period, ahead of the Industrial Revolution. The term is complicated to clearly define beyond the essential sense, yet by inspecting the characteristics of the movement and what students conclude regarding it, a definition can be provided. Characteristics and themes that are consistently observed in the literature of the recommended period include: individualism, love of nature, a longing for the past, feelings of love and hate, terror and shock, chaos, fear, sentimental despair, and anti-romantic feelings. These and other reoccurring points help to the recognition of Romanticism as a definition. Also, by simply considering how a term can be used today and how it was in the past, like in academic resources, a definition may be proposed simply by comparing individuals findings. Romanticism can be developed into a explanation through these types of listings and findings. The writers and poets, and the literature and poetry from the era happen to be included in what will define this kind of significant period.

Firstly, when going through the literature of the time period of about 1780 to 1830, a unique theme of individuality is made relevant in many readings. A resource mentions that " the Romantics asserted the importance of the individual, the unique, even the eccentric. As a result they compared with the character typology of neoclassical drama” (Melani). The " Romantic hero” is portrayed in known literature of that time period through heroes such as Prometheus, Captain Ahab and outcasts from Cain to the Historic Mariner; also Hester Prynne, and Satan in Milton's Paradise Shed (Melani). An essential poet whose poetry expressed an individualized view of humanity crucial to Romanticism was William Blake. His poems is referred to as " remarkably individual in vogue and technique” (Lawall, ed., 540).  He uses different noises in his poems to relate with the reader and set forth...

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