According to the dictionary " religious beliefs is the assistance and praise of Our god or the great. " 1В I concern that classification. В It is true that all religions carry out involve the worship of some great force, nevertheless , it is also authentic that simply no religion in history has ever before stopped too. For a even more complete definition of the word religious beliefs we also have to examine two other factors. How has it affected guy over the hundreds of years? And what is the true motivation of its leadership? В Some may have you believe that it has brought tranquility and tranquility to the community and that its leaders happen to be motivated by service with their god.

I suggest a more accurate definition of word would be as follows. Religious beliefs, a solariego system of federal government which uses fear, hate and sometimes is placed to control and manipulate persons for the betterment of a select selection of individuals.

To better demonstrate this point a few look at simply three with the countless cases that human history has to offer. В The Questions, " judicial institution, structured on the papacy in the Middle Age groups, charged with seeking out, striving, and sentencing people guilty of heresy. " 2В Heretics were regarded enemies in the state. В The charges for heresy was pain and loss of life. В The crucifixion of Jesus Christ, " Jesus was taken to Golgotha and nailed to a combination, the Both roman punishment intended for political offenders and crooks. " 2В The Crusades, " The name Mission (from Latin, " Cross" ) was also used, to the wars against questionnable peoples, Christian heretics, and political enemies of the papacy. " 2В All three cases illustrate how man has used God to justify his greed and quest for electrical power. В If the leadership was challenged, that used devine decree to justify the murder and torture of the innocent. Were expected to assume that a nonphysical being buy the religious leadership to acquire riches and land,

frequently at the demise of the poor and reliant. В The misuse of God isn't limited to the...