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Subject Code(s): HES 2120


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FINAL ASSESSMENT - one particular st Term 2004

(HES 2120, Structural Mechanics)


The motor applies a torque of 800 Nm around the rotating metal shaft ABCD shown, we have a bearing by D. The diameter with the shaft must be uniform during and there are two further style requirements: -- the angle of twist between A and C must not go over 1 . 5o; - the utmost permissible base shear stress is (MAX = 62 MPa. Decide the bare minimum shaft size that may be utilized, G = 77 Grade point average. (16 marks)


Fig. 1


A composite club is made simply by securely developing an aluminium strip (EA = 70 GPa) to a copper tape (EC = 105 GPa) as displayed. The amalgamated bar can be bent of a horizontal axis with a second of 35 Nm. Determine:

a) Position of centroid for transformed section, [pic]; and corresponding centroidal moment of inertia, IX. b) Optimum stress in aluminium tape.

c) Maximum stress in copper deprive.

(18 marks)


Fig. 2


Affiliate AB is actually a steel line of length 2 . your five m that E sama dengan 200 Grade point average and IX = a few. 25 times 105 mm4. At the justification in erection when ever ( sama dengan 300 the burden is as proven, pins at A and B pass through the column centroid. Identify the aspect of safety against Euler buckling with the column. Movement is constrained to the aircraft. (12 marks)


Fig. 3


The figure below shows your stress in a surface factor for a materials subject to aircraft stress ((z = 0). Determine this: (Note: The answer need to include a sketch of the relevant Mohr's circles. )

a) Maximum and minimum main in-plane typical stresses b) Orientation of principal planes.

c) Optimum in-plane shear stress.

d) Maximum out-of-plane shear anxiety.

(17 marks)


Fig. 4


A cylindrical pressure vessel of 250 mm mean diameter and six mm wall thickness is definitely fabricated by a 1. 2 m period of spirally welded pipe ABS as demonstrated. Tank determine pressure is usually 4 MPa and centric axial causes P and P1 of 240 kN act through rigid end plates. Determine: a) Net longitudinal and hoop strains.

b) Normal pressure acting verticle with respect to welds and shear stress seite an seite to welds (show draw of Mohr's circle). c) Determine the Factor of Safety which will exists based on the distortion energy theorem, in the event the material is usually steel having a yield pressure (Y = 300 MPa.

(17 marks)


Fig. 5


A simply supported beam ACB has a point load and a U. D. L. applied because shown. Determine:

a) Reactions at A and M.

b) Equations for shear power and twisting moment for the entire beam. c) Using Macauley's double-integration approach, determine the equations for slope and deflection. Have EI sama dengan a constant. (20 marks) [pic]

Fig. six



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