Prof. C. Coleman

Ethnic Diversity tips CD (W1)

October 28, 2012

Response Log #2 (Breath, Eyes, Memory)

So far in the novel " Breath, Sight, Memory, " Sophie is in America coping with her mom. She was eighteen about to start college. From chapter 9 through 12 she recalls going elsewhere with her mom and also that she attended a Haitian Adventist institution that travelled from fundamental straight to senior high school. She stated how much she hated the college because " it was as if I by no means left Haiti. All the lessons were in French other than the The english language and structure classes. " (66). She talks about falling in love with a man named Frederick and her mother's disapproval of her dating since she don't trust American boys. Sophie expressed that she could hardly help what she sensed for Paul. She began talking to him and little by little she started dating him when her mother had not been home. She would sneak out at night and go to diverse places with him. Generally when he had a gig in a club. The lady talked about feeling a sense of rush when the lady was with him with the knowledge that her mom wouldn't agree to. Sophie says coming home one late night to look for her mother sitting in the living place waiting for her. She published about her mother choosing her upstairs and tests her to make certain she was obviously a virgin the same as her grandma did to her mom and aunt Atie. During the check she creates about the pain and humiliation she felt attempting not to think it over. At the end of chapter doze she reminisce about her mom hitting her out because the lady failed the virginity ensure that you her going to Joseph for support and comfort simply by marrying him.

Although my parents aren't addicted to their particular Ghanaian persuits a lot of people especially in the old days are. To these people a girls virginity is only worth giving on her wedding party night together with the love of her existence. I believe many people in The african continent still practice these believe. I could consider the not bearable pain Sophie must've been going through whilst her...