Chapter 1 – Prevention Idea

1) The best definition of " litigation” is?

a. Every time a lawsuit ends

b. The bargaining among management and union associates c. A lawsuit between government and a food manager m. The act of starting and conducting a lawsuit

2) The best meaning of " Detrimental Law” is definitely?

a. Almost all legal actions that occurs based upon laws that have been written prior to Civil War b. Produced from common rules

c. Is definitely interested in preceding, or what has been made the decision in past court situations with related situations deb. A physique of rules created by government organizations that are focused on private rights and remedies as opposed to legal matters

3) The body of regulation known as " Common Law” descends coming from?

a. The founding fathers of our nation

b. The laws of big Britain

c. Middle ages laws and regulations

d. The minds of Thomas Jefferson and George Washington

4) The " S” in STEM means?

a. Number of the correct worker for the work

b. Number of wholesome foods so the guests stay healthy

c. Selection of the very best property to get the most cash in on the company's investment d. Choosing employees at the last minute to fill available positions

5) " Ethics” means?

a. The legal way to use employees

m. The behavior associated with an individual toward another person or group c. The rights of your employer more than their personnel

d. In the event something is legal, it is also ethical

6) 59 to 70 % of management decisions manufactured on a daily basis have some type of legal dimension. a. True

b. False

7) As long as a manager includes a good familiarity with the law, it is far from very important to be afraid with looking to prevent legal situations from arising. a. True

m. False

8) The best way to create an environment good to confident motivation is to establish trust and value with your employees. a. The case

b. Fake

9) It truly is more effective and efficient to find your employees doing something wrong, than to look for them performing something proper in the...