For learners who have never paid for essay writing services before, it’s quite natural to bombard writing services providers with many questions about the entire process of ordering as well as the overall reliability of their creative process. In this article, we are going to cover the most frequently asked questions, dealing with before, during and also after the ordering process.

FAQ before ordering:

How to know if your essay service is worth my attention?

The best way to find out if a certain essay service is really trustworthy is to read corresponding reviews. Obviously, all custom writing services dare to claim to be the best in this market niche, but you don’t want to entirely trust those claims as you don’t want to become a victim of some shady business. Apparently, reviews written by real users will greatly help you to determine whether or not the service you’re interested in is worth spending your hard earned money on.

How to know if the authors are true professionals and have a corresponding degree?

The given information should be indicated on the websites of the essay services providers you’re actually considering. Make sure to pick up a company that enables you to contact the author directly. It will enable you to ask about their educational background as well as professional experience in the niche.

What does the price of my writing work depend on?

The price will normally depend on the deadline you select for your writing task, number of pages, level of quality and type of academic paper you choose. If you decide to add special features to your orders, including VIP support, one of the top 10 authors, a native English speaker and so on, you’ll be charged additionally.

Can I obtain an essay sample from a service before I order?

Really good online essay services never face a problem to offer essay samples from their professional authors. If you are unable to spot a section with free samples on the website you’re considering, you are free to contact the customer support.

FAQ when ordering:

How can I receive the best results when I order an academic paper?

That’s very important to provide as many details as you can. The more information your author has about your advisor’s requirements, the better the result will be.

Is it possible to contact my author directly?

Some companies boast this feature, while others don’t, though you should definitely go for a custom writing service, enabling you to contact the author of your paper directly. You require checking what essay writing services reviews have to say about the overall effectiveness of this communication. You need to use the experience of real users to pick up a really trustworthy service.

Can I count on additions and corrections?

You need to realize that no writing services provider would enable you to make key changes that would be contradictory to the initial instructions of yours. The time and also work of professional authors is very valuable, that’s why it’s crucial to pay attention to the order form and also provide correct as well as detailed instructions. Certainly, the companies will give you an opportunity to contact the author and add some comments as well as additional instructions during the process of writing, though no major changes will be allowed when your author has almost finished the order.

Can I ask for a first draft before the author gets down to the complete paper for my order?

Yes, when a company enables you to contact your author directly, you can ask them to make a detailed template or draft version, which would showcase their ideas for your order. Once you approve the template, the author can start working on your order.

FAQ after ordering:

What should I do if I dislike the paper?

You’re welcome to ask for corrections. That’s why it’s crucial to pick up a custom writing company, which guarantees your right to free revisions.

I need revisions, how many can I get?

The vast majority of reliable writing services provide unlimited revisions until their customer is completely satisfied with the paper he or she receives. Keep in mind that your demands for revisions need to be in compliance with the writing company’s policy. Evidently, the service will provide corrections only if the author failed to deliver a high-quality paper completed according to your instructions.

How can I be sure if the essay’s plagiarism-free?

Most legit essay writing services providers check the papers for plagiarism before they deliver them to their clients. If the company, you are opting for, doesn’t provide a plagiarism-free report, you’re welcome to check the paper by yourself by utilizing a plagiarism checker.

Can my tutor find out if I utilized essay services?

Not if you pick up a really trustworthy company to order your paper from. When a company delivers 100% unique stuff, this means that the paper will be delivered exactly to you and it will be published nowhere. Your advisor could never know about your practice of ordering papers if you keep that information solely to yourself.


Can you offer me a money back guarantee?

Well, you can count on a very fair 100% money back guarantee policy, resolving all the disputed as well as questionable cases. You’ll undoubtedly get your money back if there were any evident violations from our side.