AIM: My spouse and i am carrying out an investigation to determine which liquor is the best energy. I will try this by tinkering with different alcohols and placing them drop and measuring different factors. Let me analyse my results and try to discover habits, which should assist to conclude which will alcohol is a good fuel.



This is how my own experiment will probably be set out:


Keeping this experiment a good test


There are many variables in this experiment that can impact the outcome with this experiment. The dependant factors that I helps keep the same would be the height in the tin can above the wick. I will maintain this precisely the same because several heights can effect the warmth that is transferred to the container can and into the normal water, therefore changing the temp change. Let me use the same tin may so that the test is reasonable and that different cans may be of different thicknesses so allowing for different numbers of heat through. I will keep your amount of water that we put inside tin may, the same for each and every experiment to be fair. I will decide on this kind of amount via my first experiment. Enough time for each experiment will also be kept the same to guarantee the water has received equal amounts of time for it to heat up, again I will make a decision on the time coming from my first experiment. The independent variables that I am measuring would be the weight of the alcohol in the burner, both before and after the experiment, as well as the temperature big difference from before and after the experiments. I will likewise make sure that My spouse and i take the cover off of the burner as late as possible, only if the burner it to be lit. This is because when the cover comes away a smell is produced, so a lot of gas is usually released which could alter my readings for the mass. This will as well apply when ever replacing the lid after the experiment. Let me make sure I actually keep this kind of experiment reasonable by cautiously controlling the parameters.

My own Preliminary Trials


Just before I do my personal actual research I am going to execute some primary experiments to assist me decide on how much normal water I should utilization in the tin, the time I ought to allow for each experiment as well as the height above the flame. I will select the most appropriate and the the one that gives the finest results and best heat change.

Table from preliminary test:


Sum of Water

Height of tin above pull away

Temp of drinking water before

Temp of water after

Temp change

1 tiny

2 hundred ml

11 centimeter




1 ) 5 minutes

200 cubic centimeters

eight cm




2 mins

two hundred ml

6 cm




2 minutes

150 cubic centimeters

your five cm




2 . 5 minutes

a hundred and fifty ml

4 centimeter




three minutes

a hundred and fifty ml

4 centimeter




This tested a random alcoholic beverages

Coming from these effects I have made a decision to use 150ml of water and coming back two minutes per try out a elevation of 5cm above the pull away of the burner. I decided this kind of because it offered a good temperatures change and is suitable. Applying 200ml of water did not give nearly as good of a temperature change and it was quite a lot of water, which did not warm up as much. Likewise one minute was too short and did not offer very great results. Three a few minutes was also too long for each and every experiment plus the temperature transform was huge, making the rather warm so , I decided to use two minutes being a suitable a chance to give me an excellent temperature modify. Also for three moments, the hot normal water could be dangerous and I need to ensure safety. I decided to use 5cm like a height above the wick mainly because 11 and 8cm were quite high above the wick as well as the heat wasn't really reaching the bottom of the tin can and had been transferred to the environment. Also 4cm was a little bit too near so I decided to go with 5cm as being a reasonable range.

Thus from this We are timing every single...