This research was done to synthesize methyl benzoate form benzoic acid and methanol by using the Fischer esterification method. The Fischer exterification technique is utilized for the academic and industrial configurations due to the simple synthesis and safety parameters of the overall reaction. Both benzoic chemical p and methanol are relatively cheap to get from ad advertisement source as well as being simple to store having a relatively long shelf life. The Fischer esterification method is an elementary and crucial synthesis process in training our upcoming chemists in both business and academics employment and principles. By utilizing this method of synthesis, the chemist gets the knowledge to use certain chemical compounds to aid further reactions and derive pertinent info of stated reactions through the use of differing clinical equipment, i. e., elemental magnetic reverberation (NMR), mass spectroscopy (MS), infrared (IR), and gas chromatography (GC) for analysis. These tactics allow the chemist to get functional organizations and isolate unknown substances that can check and recognize unknown compounds often received through academic and industrial laboratory studies.


Using the conversion of carboxylic acid to esters using an acid catalyst and an alcohol was handed the name Fischer esterification after the The german language chemist, Emil Fischer (1). The basic system for this response is proven below in Fig. you (5). The response begins together with the transfer of your proton by an chemical p catalyst to an alcohol molecule. A wasserstoffion (positiv) (fachsprachlich) transfer employs from the protonated alcohol and then to the carboxylic acid. The protonated carbonyl of the acidity is attacked by the lone pair of bad particals on the hydrogen atom of the alcohol pertaining to the oxonium ion. A proton copy follows from the oxonium ion to an alcoholic beverages molecule, generating a tetrahedral carbonyl addition intermediate. One of many OH groups I the intermediate abstracts a proton from the protonated methanol...

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