Michelle Snyder

ESL Teacher Interview

TE 826

Dr . Glenn Tracy


My person that I interviewed is very exceptional besides becoming a very very good teacher. Your woman had received the honor penalized selected ‘Teacher of the Year” a few years back again here at Kendrick County Colleges (Grant, NE), so I knew her methods and tactics were tried and true. She has several different hats within our school program with Esl/ell student (ELL) staying just one component. She was asked to work with/for me in this program with this high school BEND students when i concentrated in Elementary and Middle School. She is responsible for the district's Speech section which has also had superb success. Finally, she is the school's The spanish language teacher, and a very good one particular. I have had the privilege of soaking in on her classes, collaborating with her and this interview which will gave me a few tremendous regarding the Foreign Language (FL)/ELL world. I usually jump with the chance to achieve more expertise and understanding from her experiences. I chose to interview Ms. Tate, not only mainly because she has performed some amazing things with her pupils (and my own ELLs sky-rocket under her care), but to me, instructing Spanish remains Language Acquisition, just shifting the methods above. She continue to uses similar strategies because ESL: Krashen (whom the lady actually achieved and therefore followed his methods of teaching), incredibly big in Total Physical Response (TPR) and teaching through storytelling. Her classroom philosophy is a same when compared to where I realize the COIN program going. She works through 4-5 language purchases in relatively the same order. Focusing on the Oral initial with a focus in terminology, Speaking using everyday interactions, developing their very own Listening abilities, increase Examining comprehension and fluency with short reports and finally working away at the Publishing proficiency with journaling. Ms. Tate provides experienced diversity throughout her life starting with Hispanic personnel her dad hired to work for him. At the...