A report to improve the standard of Record keeping of Patients in Hospitals

B. Sambath Kumar, Analysis Scholar, Sathyabama Uiversity, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, E-Mail: [email protected] co. in, Dr . H. S. Rau, Registrar Sathyabama University, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, E-Mail: [email protected] com.


Hospital Details System (HIS) is vital to decision making and plays a crucial role in the success in the organization. Computerization of the medical records and documentation offers resulted in successful data management and info dissemination intended for the users. Managers, Clinicians and other healthcare personnel can now gain access to the information straight away or errors. Present research reveals, the present system requires up succession to meet the needs of the managers and the clinicians. Participants feel HIS facilitates in decision making, and medical audit. Members felt the fact that existing HIS resulted in for a longer time time for OPD consultation and delay in investigation outcomes. Majority of the participants feel that HIS assists with education and research.

Keywords: Hospital Info System, Medical Records Department, Computerization, Out-Patients

I. Introduction

Over the last many years, medical savoir have made many advances leading to revolutionary improvements inside the modes of investigations, therapeutic activities and surgical procedures. This has enhanced the imperative need to have authentic and accurate medical records. Just about every department and subsystems in an institution can be looked at basically since an information-processing agency. The Medical Records Department (MRD) is no different. It is not a place where individual charts, finish or unfinished, are left and forgotten thereafter. The administration may actively employ this department to get monitoring and controlling the top quality of affected person care; in assessing with the performance in the medical personnel; in keeping check on how some of the hospital's resources are being put to use; and in gathering data for short term and long term decisions. Most of the present Medical Records Departments have already been changed into departments of hospital information management in order to take up tasks to function better and successfully in this regard. This new drift is going to support the need for an improved Clinic Information System making the Medical Records Department the primary source of health information. It is certainly that a cautiously planned Clinic Information Program and smartly used info will be a wonderful asset to any health care market. The Hospital Details managers must have the necessary abilities to assist in and take care of this move and connect the difference in the changing patterns move over to modern world.

II. Statement of the Trouble

A study of Medical Records Office of a tertiary care medical center with particular reference to a healthcare facility Information System.

III. Objectives

To analyze the existing Clinic Information System in the medical records department.

To recognize the disadvantages, if any, in the existing Hospital Info System inside the Medical Records Department.

To recommend the necessary steps to improve the existing Hospital Information Program in the Medical Records Division.

IV. Strategy:

The study was conducted in 200 bedded tertiary proper care hospitals. The Medical Data Department of the hospital was studied to get assessing a healthcare facility Information System. Descriptive research approach as adopted for this study. Descriptive statistics have already been used to understand the deficiencies, if any, in the existing Hospital Details System. The point population contains managers, doctors and sufferers in the clinic. The data had been collected from a sample of 60, consisting of 10 bureaucratic heads, 20 doctors and 30 sufferers selected by the disproportionate stratified sampling strategy. The specially criteria for selecting the sample, were the managers who also involved in making decisions process,...

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