Creek Project

My Hypotheses

We predict many people would be by Pakistan or India seeing that a lot of people of the nati0nality will be living around there. I think most people would be visitors since the desordre is across and most persons would want to look around over presently there and maybe also want to take the boat for a eliminate. It wouldn't be people or occupants since they are most likely to be working. We predict that residents will most likely always be living in Karama or Bur Dubai as they are quite nearby the creek. My spouse and i predict the locals to get living in Karama or Bur Dubai too. If that they lived beyond the boundary, it'd most likely cost a lot of money for gasoline. I think most tourists would be attracted to China for the culture since it's worth it to read and different as well.


This image shows the location with the Dubai Creek on a map. From the Creek we had to walk toward Bastakiah, which is basically part of the creek.

This kind of map shows Bastakiah, which is the area we went to initial and local you, can see the China Old Souk, which is where we went next.



Bastakiah is a element of Dubai, which usually contains old buildings regarded valuable to get historical or perhaps architectural causes. Al Bastakiah is one of the most ancient residential areas in the associated with Dubai. The locality lies along China Creek and includes thin lanes and wind towers, as well as the Ing Fahidi Fort, the earliest existing building in Dubai. The construction of Al Bastakiah dates back for the 1890s. In its prime, the locality was capable of supporting 70 housing models, most of that were separated simply by narrow, winding lanes. Typically a stronghold of abundant residents, the demographic of the locality improved with the discovery of oil, which led to many rich families transferring to other regions of the metropolis.


This Souk/Textile Desordre lies over the Creek in Bur Syria. The bazaar consists of a lengthy line of restored sand-colored rock buildings, covered by a wood roof in a single area, and topped with attractive blowing wind towers. The multitude of little shops below offer a substantial range of fabrics (cashmere, man made fibre, cotton, constructed from wool etc . ) plus apparel, slippers, mementos, and other items. The Fabric Souk can be reached from Deira (Gold Desordre, Spice Desordre, Perfume Souk) by crossing the water by using an abra or perhaps water taxi cab. Abra (traditional wooden boat) will cost only 1 dirham, can be quick and the experience is usually fantastic. On the other hand travel simply by Metro for the Green Range and drop at Approach Ghubaiba City Station or Al Fahidi Metro Stop. The Bastakiah Quarter and Dubai Art gallery are nearby and really worth a go to while in the area. It is also known as Cosmo Souk.

Methods of collecting data

All of us left to get the creek at about eleven: 00am and started off with working in Bastakiah. Our main task was to ask people some questions such as: exactly where they are coming from, why we were holding in China, where that they lived and what elements attracted those to the UAE. We had might people particular question according to their answer to why we were holding here. A number of the other tasks we had to do were to record some of the retailers we observed based on the kind, judge environmental surroundings around selected areas, locate the areas wherever certain pictures were considered and sketch an area and list the human and physical factors.


At Bastakiah, we found out that most people that visited were tourists although there were some locals although out of your results there were only one. We carried out our tasks without the problems considering that the place wasn't too crowded but that also ended up as a little problem seeing that we don't really have many people to inquire.

The Souk

The souk a new lot of travelers as well yet there were a few people on business and some ex-pat residents as well. Our just problem right here, were the sellers. Coming from every path, we'd include someone phoning us in his or her store or trying to sell us anything. Overall, we managed.


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