Respond to Tragedy plus the Common Gentleman

In this article, Miller questions the authenticity with the tragic main character. This article handles the issue of disaster as it completely affects the regular everyday person. According to him, tragedy shouldn't be o or limited to the nobleman and just people in the world. As a matter of fact, all of us pity the individuals not due to their suffering, nevertheless primarily because they are human also and we can connect to the emotionally. Like Miller, I actually too believe what creates a tragic hero, needs not to be a person of kingly status, but one who lives amongst the everyone else. The struggle to gain that " rightful” position in society isn't only exhibited simply by monarchs or perhaps aristocrats, although is best demonstrated in the difficulty of the prevalent man. It can be through common man's have difficulty that we have the ability to relate and experience our own personal catharsis. On the matter of the tragedy of the prevalent man, I remembered studying " Death of Salesman” and believed this was a fantastic example of disaster. The protagonist, Willy Loman, is in his own way a tragic hero. He wants to think that he is a popular, decent person who doesn't make some mistakes. Throughout the play, Willy argues with individuals around him to retain his own dignity. He doesn't come to the conclusion that his dreams are dead great self-perception can be flawed until the end, if he tragically takes his own life. Though it may be seen as an tragic ending, all in all it represents the heart and soul from the human spirit.