The organized combination of people, processes and technology that is designed to enable a great enterprise to find, acquire, and retain buyers

1 . 2 Globalization

Extensive competitors

Wide-spread usage online

Record the customers information in 360 look at

Q 2

installment payments on your 1 Mass Marketing as opposed to Relationship Marketing

Mass Marketing: is a marketplace coverage approach in which a company decides to ignore marketplace segment differences and follow the whole industry with a single offer. Relationship Marketing: Companies need to foster a true marriage with the buyer. Allow consumers to truly share their desires and requirements. develop customized products. Customize messages depending on customers' unspoken needs

Mass Advertising

Product targeted

Anonymous clients

Few campaigns

Wide reach

Little or no study done

Immediate results

Marriage Marketing


Targeted to persons

Many campaigns

Discrete reach

Based on in depth customer behavior and single profiles

Long-term results

2 . two It is unwise to use romantic relationship marketing strategy

Low competition, low customer demand

High competition. low buyer demand

Undifferentiated, convince merchandise eg. Capital shopping

The product aimed to mass market eg. clothes----target advertising

Q a few

3. you Inbound and Outbound middle

Inbound: clients calling in, requesting intended for support is usually regarding products that have long been sold to the client

Outbound: outbound or leads call centers are contacting out to prospective clients to sell more items. Outbound centers are usually called telemarketers

3. 2 once sue incoming and telephone

Incoming to support the consumer

When has already only the goods. such as details reference Settled complaints offer repinement

Outbound--make cross--selling & up--selling to existing consumer or promote the product to practical customer---cold call or make cell phone survey

three or more. 3 How to measure the efficiency of customer service

Call Image resolution Time:

Local agent processes happen to be established to resolve a customer's problem or inquiry By simply decreasing the phone call resolution time, the company is going to decrease the costs of handling a call and perhaps increase customer satisfaction

First Phone Resolution Rate:

Initial all quality rate is a rate at which a user's problem or service a call is definitely resolved during the first customer inquiry. FCRR is also a measure of customer satisfaction and firm costs. Customer service processes are implemented so that a problem may be properly clinically diagnosed and solved to increase the first call resolution price

Q 4

four. 1 Just how SFA benefits a revenue representative

Make sales staff accountable for customer info

Provide up to date sales data and forecasts across the business Keep track of product inventories, buyer, details

4. a couple of Risks linked when a revenue representative keep on organization without SFA Sales people used various way to record client information If they leave the organization, such details are misplaced as well Organization will have to repeat the process to locate and re-collect buyer information Q 5

five. 1 Possess a 360 view of customer, just how can technology allow Build data warehouse across the company large

Store info in a centralized, cross-function foundation

ETL, the two process, Meta-data, warehouse, procedure, database

five. 2 Five qualities great information


info needs to be on time if it is to get action-ed.

to enhance the speed which information can be produced. the business usually have to look at changing or placing their details system

Economic value:

details costs money.

Data is usually costly to gather. analyze and report

Details takes time to learn and assimilate


The data obtained and used needs to be needed for decision-making Business are usually criticized to get producing a lot of information due to the fact...