Strategic Planning and Implementation BUSN 650

Afnan Alshareef


Chipotle Mexican Barbeque is a fast-growing chain of just one, 500 restaurants, started in 93 in Denver by Charlie Ells. In its first ten years, Chipotle created an entirely new concept – not take out, and not everyday dining but a mash-up known as " fast casual”. For the past ten years, while the business has extended a rapid growth trajectory it includes also attempted to create a sustainable supply chain.  There are 3 essential factors to get Chipotle to become known and successful. The first key factor is Tradition. Chipotle integrates its unique business culture in each of its storefronts. The company believes that " creating a functionality based culture [will] lead to the best restaurant experience easy for [its] employees and clients. "  Chipotle embraces its employees' exceptional perspectives, people, and talents, as it thinks these factors contribute to the brand's success. Chipotle has a clear and translucent advancement structure that stimulates loyalty via part- and full-time staff, thus lowering turnover and training costs. Brand Identification is the second key factor. Chipotle recognizes the significance in augmenting a eating experience that places ownership upon the client, basically expressing: " You know what you want, tell us what you'd like and we'll customise it on your specifications, as quickly as possible. " Rendering this highly customizable, cost-effective menu generally consisting of whole foods is a cornerstone towards the Chipotle encounter. The final key factor is Element Transparency. As you may know, Chipotle is usually intent upon serving meals with ethics. The burrito maker has been working with its supply chain to make sure that each element the company provides is of upstanding quality. A pair of Chipotle's greatest internal strengths essentially relate with each an additional. These incorporate the company's commitment to featuring healthy food options combined with solid supplier associations with its organic and natural,...

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