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English 4AP

Bourne Back again Ceaselessly In the Past: Gatsby's Fight Against Time

Set in the 1920's, F. Scott Fitzgerald's publication, The Great Gatsby, tells the story of interpersonal classes and a wealthy man who also lost the love of his life. This man, The author Gatsby, is born poor, yet he works his method into becoming rich, and therefore being the symbol of new money. Daisy Buchanan, Gatsby's lover, comes into the world as older money and lives in East Egg with her hubby Tom Buchanan, and is a glamorous person. Gatsby always loves Daisy, but was struggling to marry her because he was poor and Daisy adores rich males, so Jeff marries her. Gatsby attempts to stop as well as " do it again the past” because he offers lost the girl of his dreams. Fitzgerald uses the symbol of water, darkness, and Gatsby fighting the current and refuses to recognize the impossibility of his dream to repair the past with Daisy Water is a significant sign in the book as it represents Gatsby's life. Computer chip and Gatsby decide to bring Daisy to get tea the very next day, but that day was raining. Once Daisy occurs and goes in Nick's home, Gatsby is definitely not inside. A hit on the door is read, and Nick opens it. It is Gatsby, " pale as loss of life, with his side plunged like weights in the coat storage compartments, was standing in a puddle of water…”(91). Gatsby is often trying to " repeat days gone by, ” which will lead to his downfall. Within this picture, he is " standing in a puddle of water” and " his hands stepped like weight load in his coating pockets” foreshadows his death because if you are standing in normal water with weights, you drown, resulting to your death. As well, it is the outcome of preventing the current of " period. ” He could be nervous relating to this and he still has not really forgotten about the time they were in love with each other. Because Gatsby keeps thinking about this moment during the past, he is drowning himself inside the " water” with his " hands” which have been " stepped like weight loads. ” This individual stands in the still puddle because Gatsby's mind is definitely on the...