‘A crazy, wicked slip…I believe the lady meant zero harm' Did your opinion of Catherine meet Nelly's evaluation in Chapters 1-14?

Catherine Earnshaw, later Linton, is first introduced to someone by Emily Bronte in Chapter 3. Throughout the book Catherine demonstrates to be a character whose activities and personality can either appeal to the audience's sympathies or perhaps quickly cast off them. Nelly's narration dominates the story in chapters 1-14 in fact it is therefore natural that the reader's views can be tainted to a degree simply by Nelly's examination of Catherine's character.

Catherine is first referred to in Lockwood's narration in Phase III where he encounters her name when he spends a turbulent night time at Wuthering Heights. Catherine's name haunts Lockwood's rest as he recognizes the words ‘Catherine Earnshaw… Catherine Heathcliff… Catherine Linton' created numerous occasions. The haunting quality of Catherine's term is proven by Bronte's gothic usage of the simile ‘as stunning as spectres' as these words and phrases fill his vision. Lockwood is later confronted by a ghost who sobs the text Catherine Linton as it requirements to be permit into the property. Indeed this determination to get what she would like is a characteristic of Catherine, which becomes apparent through the remainder of Nelly's liaison as she describes Catherine's life. This kind of characteristic especially is a characteristic that can change the reader's thoughts and opinions of Catherine for the worse. However conversely this specific aspect of Catherine's character may evoke sympathy for her in the reader since it is in part Mister Kenneth's problem for promoting that ‘she would not carry crossing very much; she must have her own way' after her illness in Chapter IX.

Nelly's opinion that Catherine ‘meant simply no harm' is proved specifically accurate in Chapter IX where Catherine approaches Nelly for the first time as a confidant. Catherine's innocence in the matter the girl poses to Nelly is definitely demonstrated appropriately though her question ‘Where's Heathcliff? ' Sympathy is definitely evoked pertaining to...