Device 3 Nokia Case Study Examination

Kaplan University

MT460 Management Policy and Strategy

Particular date: August 18, 2010

Vertu: Nokia Extravagance Mobile Phone intended for the Metropolitan Rich


In this case examine of Nokia Vertu, a luxury phone, Let me review the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats from the company. The struggles the luxurious phone manufacturer has gone through with the continuously changing technology and the accomplishment they have viewed. The eyesight statement from the company is always to deliver a highly skilled customer car experience through honesty and trust (Our-Vision-Values, " 2013”).

Synopsis with the Situation

Don Nokia is trying to find a way to stay circumstantial in the competitive world of cellular phones. This is extra phone manufacturer costing more than $2, 000 per mobile phone but with outdated software devices. The big difference is the elements the phone is constructed of such as ti, exotic natural leather, diamonds and also other precious jewels. Nokia must find an option to the current operating-system while maintaining their customers trust.

Key Issues

The real key issue Vertu faces may be the outdated os and the actual should tend to update to. Another concern the company faces is that this mobile phone is only intended for the extremely prosperous; it is not a phone being mass produced and used by most. In order to generate more income when you sell more phones they will need to serve the wealthy and find even more unique patterns to generate more interest.

Specify the Problem

Nokia's main problem is definitely the outdated operating system and the risk of going to a new, unknown, program. With the announcement of the change to a new operating-system during a period when various other mobile firms were testing the waters caused the stocks to drop an astounding 14%. There are a limited number of people that will purchase this cellphone, so promoting has to be spot on in order to gain customers and investors interest which has a mediocre firm being the master, Nokia....

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Our-Vision-Values, gathered from


Determine 1 . SWOT Analysis.