Abigail Williams

Abigail Williams was born in an not known town with unknown parents and then relocated to live with her uncle, Reverend Parris, when she was younger. I think the reason she likes older guys, just like John Proctor, because the lady never really have to know her father. Once she transferred in with her uncle your woman felt reduction since having been extremely tight and all about himself so she learned ways to get attention. Therefore she started grooving in the forest with her friends and claiming persons she does not like to become witches. Therefore her father and mother leaving her are the blame of her craziness. Physical Traits-

A strikingly amazing girl (Miller 15) at seventeen( Miller 15) She actually is all be concerned (Miller 15), so that means she can easily changed her face to create it appear to be she cares. Character traits-

Abigail Williams seems to be evil by the way she talks with other women, " Allow either of you breathe a word, or perhaps edge of any word about the other items and I may come to you in the black of some awful night and i also will a pointy reckoning that will shudder you”(Miller 26) Williams in a way is also a idiotic character. When ever she is constantly on the proclaim her love to get John proctor even when the lady knows he wants not do with her. " Child! …How do you call me kid. ” ( Miller 29).

Abigail Williams is very important to this tale. She is clearly the bad guy when the lady starts the rap game. With no her in this story, We don't think the witch search would have enhanced to the level that it come to therefore not having so many people hung.